Mint Tea Recipe

Mint tea is the staple of Moroccan hospitality. Here is our recipe for mint tea as the locals drink it.

* 1 teapot
* 2 tsp Loose Black Tea Leaves
* 2 bunch Fresh Mint Leaves
* Boiling Water

1. Put the tea leaves in the bottom of the tea-pot
2. Break mint stalk in half to release flavor and put into the tea-pot
3. Pour boiling water over the leaves to nearly full
4. Put tea-pot on gas stove for 30s (or until boiling again)
5. Pour one cup of tea into a glass then pour back into tea pot (for flavor)
6. Serve in small glasses with lots of sugar

Pour from a height so that the tea has a frothy head or ‘mousse’.
Tea leaves will form at the bottom of the glass but don’t drink these.

Complimentary mint tea is available on request to guests in our Marrakech Riad hotels. Don’t delay making your reservation to experience the real Morocco at first hand.

The Henna Cafe also offers a wonderful mint tea,  as well as a range of authentic local foods with any profits funding education and charity projects.