The dyers souk – Labbadine

The age old tradition of natural dying continues to this day in the heart of the Marrakech Medina.

In the vast and sprawling souks of the red city there are small courtyards, tucked away, where you can see these traditional arts. They are as much a part of daily life now as they have been for centuries.
An explanation of the natural dyes is always available for those who have a keen interest in the processes.
Head to Souk Labbadine and you will often find freshly dyed textiles drying suspended on bamboo poles above your head!
Wool for knitting weaving and carpet making is prepared here as is fabric and the famous dip dyed nomads scarves.
Occasionally you may see items of clothing, belonging to the dyer’s families which have been dipped to give them a new lease of life flapping in the breeze too.
For a few dirhams you can visit the ancient dye vats and see the men at work and learn about the techniques they employ.
Don’t forget to try on a dip dyed scarf ; Tuareg style!

The dyers souk is an essential stop on the walking tour that forms part of our popular and great value Marrakech Culture Break.