The Market Mosque

The mosques are usually a restrictive place to perform and learn the worship through the QUORAN (house rituals) that should be led in a good way by the Imam and the Moazine. It is rule seems providing the regular opportunities to acquire knowledge that organize the social affairs chiefly the thing concern about the financial situations and trade. And it is not strange to see that besides each Market, the Muslims set usually the Mosque besides the Market, first to be more close to their trade.

The mosque besides the Market in the square come to emphasize that, as it is used for the worship role, plus as a centre of learning how to manage the life trade and also solve the financial problems, and most of the Friday speeches deliver several massages about the intimidate, prohibition, a guide to gain a legal trade. The existence of the mosque relates with the existence of the Market, they don’t have the exact date for its foundation, and many stories talked that it was first just a bog hall, that is transformed to be later as a Mosque of the Market.