Flavours of Marrakech

Marrakech is a sensory delight, the city is well known for seducing it’s visitors with vivid colours, an exotic soundscape with calls to prayer, street musicians and the sounds of life within the medina and of course the tastes of exotic spices and local delicacies.

One cannot fail to notice the daily rituals around food and meals in the Marrakech, you can almost tell the time by the appearance of different food offerings in the streets. Women stand making fresh bread products on flat hot plates in the street. The women start with Batbout in the early morning then onto M’semen after breakfast and Harsha after lunch, afternoons return to M’semen, but with a delicious caramelised onion filling!

In the afternoon tempting trays of French macaroons are seen offered by street vendors; beans, crisps, fruit, candyfloss, doughnuts!! the street food just keeps coming!  All topped off by the spectacle of the street food of Djema L Fna public square each evening.

Shared meals are at the heart of a Moroccan family, and recipes are prepared with great pride, using secret combinations of flavours passed down through generations.

There are many many wonderful restaurants in Marrakech, but the real treat is to eat at home!  With this in mind we have created an exceptional cooking school within one of our luxury riads. What could be better than learning the secrets of the Moroccan kitchen with our talented in house teacher, and then sampling your creations for lunch or dinner.

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