Onion Market Marrakech

As Marrakshi women will tell you, food and its preparation is more than just about eating. It is a lifestyle that brings together families, friends, and any visitors to this wonderful city that are open to new experiences.

Taking a freshly bought red onion in her hand and a knife in the other, away from any counter top, Fatima, the chef and henna artist of the Henna Café in Marrakech, begins frantically but precisely to chop lines in the onion one direction then the vertical other, barely missing her fingers and palm. Horizontally slicing the onion sprinkles perfectly regimental shaped pieces into a bowl which this time was mixed with tomato, olive oil, cumin and salt, making a very common and deliciously simple local Marrakshi salad.


Cutting an onion Marrakshi-style 

A technique to be admired at by all and a symbol of an ingrained hospitable lifestyle, for this any for so many other reasons, the women of Marrakech are truly valued and prized possessions of this beautiful culture and further assist in making the city and its traditions the special experience that it is. Getting to know the hospitable riad staff of Marrakech-riad is truly insightful and offers a unique education into Marrakshi life and all it’s passions.

Traveling the daily 5 hour round trip to Essouira is what bestows the owners of restaurant 14 and 98 such exquisite, fresh and reasonably priced fish that makes these restaurants a hub of local Moroccans and in the know visitors. This is the numerically

marked restaurant market of Jemaa El Fna square that trundles in daily around 5pm then dispands into the night as if never there around midnight. A site in itself is awing at the process of empty square to bustling food centre in a very short period of time, which can be looked upon from one of the surrounding rooftop cafes. A seeming tourist attraction at first site, you would be greatly mistaken. As tourism in Marrakech has been around for a relatively short time, these mobile restaruants are filled with local people wanting excellent, fresh and locally priced food while discussing the days stories and welcome in inquisitive tourists with open arms and shuffling bums. With set menu’s around 30 dirhams the norm ranging from sheeps head and Moroccan snails, to fresh orange juice bars and tea stalls and with everything in between, this is a site that cannot be missed for those wanting to experience what life in La Medina is truly like. Surrounding this square heart of Marrakech lie the beautifully traditional riads of Marrakech-Riad which give you all and them some for your culturally diverse and memorable stay in Marrakech.