Josephine Baker at the Tour de France

Never let it be said that Josephine Baker did not lead a varied life!

On 27 June 1933, she started the cyclists on their way to a very eventful Tour de France.

The French team, that had won the last three Tours de France, started well. Maurice Archambaud won the first stage, and lead the general classification until the Alps.

In the third stage, French sprinter Charles Pélissier, who had already won 13 Tour stages in his career, hit a car. He continued the race, but was injured, and finished behind the time limit.

Just 7 years later Josephine Baker lived in the palace guest wing which is now Riad Star in Marrakech at the invitation of the Pashah of Marrakech, Thami El Glaui.

The Riad Star was a guest wing of the Palace of the Pashah, and he offered it to Josephine to stay in the 1940’s. The house still retains the elegance of the 1930’s, and the echoes of this great lady and her amazing life are evident throughout the riad.

The riad has undergone significant restoration, and now offers luxurious boutique accommodation for discerning visitors to Marrakech.