Josephine Baker honored in new publication : Their Morocco by Mehdi Graincourt

We love this new book by Mehdi de Graincourt.
It’s a wonderfully researched and beautifully presented book in which Mehdi presents the Kingdom of Morocco through the eyes of those visitors through history who found a deep connection and passion for the country.

Over several centuries, Morocco has attracted Western writers, painters,composers, singers and artists. They in turn shared their love for the Kingdom with the whole world. More than 60 of these famous personalities are included in this snapshot of those with a passion for Morocco.

Alongside the historical writing there are images of Mehdi’s abstract art.

It is especially wonderful to find our beloved Josephine featured.
Josephine spent time in Morocco during the 1940’s Her home during this time was in the palace complex which has now been transformed into  a luxurious boutique riad called Riad Star. 
Her connection to Morocco was still strong in 1965, when she was invited to visit by His Majesty Hassan II.

The book is published by the Fondation Jardin Majorelle.
If you are in the Majorelle garden gift shop grab a copy!