Josephine Baker and La Revue Nègre

In 1927 he lithographer Paul Colin was commissioned to create a portfolio of work representing La Revue Nègre in Paris.

He created  Le Tumulte Noir, a potrtfolio of 45 coloured lithographs. The lithographs celebrated Josephine Baker and the cast of the show, showcasing the energy that the black performers generated in jazz age Paris. The lithographs were later re published under the title La Revue Nègre and were centred more around Josephine’s stardom .

Many of the cast of La Revue Nègre returned to the USA; however Josephine stayed on in Paris to become an exotic star of the Follies Bergeres and the Casino de Paris.

Images from Paul Colin’s publication are on display in Riad Star in Marrakech, along with other personal effects and art.

Riad Star the former home of Josephine Baker in Marrakech, and now a luxurious boutique guesthouse.