Breads & Pancakes

Contrary to popular perception the basis of Marrakech cuisine is not cous cous. The real staple is bread, in arabic Khobz.

Below you will find recipes for medina breads, amazigh (berber) moutain breads and a variety of crepes and pancakes.


The Harsha or Harcha is a semolina bread usually consumed during the month of Ramadan, but it is also a great addition to our delicious breakfasts served at our magical Riads.


Also known as moroccan pancake, thousand holes pancake, or semolina crepes. Delicious desert that enriches any breakfast.


A delicious substitute to khobz bread, the large loaves pictured here are called Matloa, while the smaller loaves are called Batbout.

khobz moroccan bread

The moroccan flat bread, the Medina bread or khobz is without a doubt the most ubiquitous food item in Morocco. If you eat three times a day, you eat khobz three times a day; if you eat five times a day, you eat khobz five times a day. This bread if always on the table […]


Msemmens are eaten up to twice a day in Morocco. Once for breakfast and again in the late afternoon, but always with sweet mint tea.