Frequently asked questions about your excursion

Why book ahead?

Book ahead to secure your preferred excursion on your preferred travel date.

Where we still have availability you can of course book while you are on holiday.

  • Medina walking tours require at least 48 hours notice
  • Car seats require at least 48 hours notice
  • Spanish, Italian or German speaking drivers require at least 48 hours notice
  • English or French speaking drivers can can always be provided.

Where will we be collected at the start of our excursion?

You will be collected from your Marrakech accommodation or the nearest vehicle access point.

It is essential that you include your contact details and information about where you are staying in the booking form. Our excursion partner will make best efforts to contact you or your accommodation in advance to confirm the pick up point. If you are staying in the old town you will be collected from the nearest medina gateway.

Departure times from Marrakech

We recommend departure from Marrakech at the following times.

Ourika       :09:00
Imlil           :09:00
Essaouira  08:00
Kasbahs  :08:00
Ouzud waterfalls: 08:00
Desert    : 08:00
Grand tour : 08.00

If you wish you can leave a little later, however, you may have less time than planned at your destination because all our tours are scheduled to return to Marrakech before dark.

What time should I expect to return to Marrakech?

Ourika and Imlil excursions return to Marrakech around 4pm.  Our experience is that it’s best to drive to your destination, enjoy your walk in the late morning away from the heat of the afternoon sun, have a leisurely lunch locally then return to Marrakech.

All our other excursions are scheduled to return to Marrakech before dark.  This is because other road users including pedestrians, cycles and even tractors or cars very often do not use lights. Consequently it can be extremely difficult to proceed safely at a normal speed.   Unlike the UK and the rest of Northern Europe day length does not vary much with the seasons.  It usually goes dark around 6 to 7pm.

Can the driver drop me off to another location than the one he collected me?

That will be no problem, as long as the new location is on the excursion route or in Central Marrakech. For Riads in the old town medina you will be dropped at the nearest Medina gateway.

What footwear would you recommend?

Sturdy footwear is required for all excursions.

Are there discounts for multiple bookings?

When booking through us you are already benefiting from our buying power as well as our expertise. We do not offer discounts for booking two or more excursions.

What currency will I pay in?

Our excursions are priced in Moroccan Dirhams and your deposit will be paid online or over the phone in UK poundsor Euros. You will pay the balance to your driver in cash either in Moroccan dirhams or Sterling/Euros at the exchange rate on the day you travel. There are plenty of ATM’s where cash can be withdrawn in Marrakech or for larger amounts most of our excursion partners can accept credit cards. Paying by card will require a detour at the beginning of the excursion to operators office.

Is the driver also a guide?

Your driver is not a registered guide. He will be friendly and approachable and will have a good knowledge of the route including viewing points and places of interest to stop and allow you to explore.  If you wish he will be able to suggest restaurants etc.  For the avoidance of doubt your driver will not accompany you when you are away from the vehicle.

Will the driver speak English?

Your driver will have a reasonable level of English to allow you to communicate with him. Alternatively, if you give at least three days notice we can usually provide a driver who speaks French, German, Spanish or Italian.

If languages other than English are preferred please ensure you specify at the time of booking your excursion.

What type of vehicle will I have?

You will have a comfortable air conditioned vehicle appropriate to the size of your group.  Normally a car for 3-4 people,  a minivan for 4-7 people, and a minibus for 8-14.

Are there other extra costs?

With the exception of the dinner and show Fantasia meals are not included in excursion prices. There are many local restaurants en route and a substantial meal will generally cost around ten Euros per person.

Gratuities for your driver are not required but they are very much appreciated.

Can we visit the Souks?

Souk is the arabic word for market.   The vibrant Souks of Marrakech will be included in our private walking tours of the old town (coming soon!). The Marrakech Souks are a little quieter on Fridays (the sabbath) and religious holidays but remain open seven days a week.

In the Atlas mountain towns there are weekly Souks which are a real focus of social and economic activity.

We are compiling a list of the towns the Souk visits and the relevant days to include Asni and Tahanoute

Check back in this this space soon!

Can I ride a camel?

There are places on the outskirts of Marrakech and elsewhere on our excursion routes where camels can be hired and your driver will be able to drop you at them on request.  On our Night in the Dessert excursion you will be offered the opportunity to finish your journey to the desert and arrive at the camp on a camel.   The costs are modest and payment will be made to the camel handler.

Camel riding is at your own risk!  Hip and our excursion partners are not qualified to asses the competence of camel handlers. You might also want to consider whether it invalidates your travel insurance.

Where can I see monkeys?

The monkeys that are indigenous to this part of Morocco are naturally tailless Barbary Apes.

Performing Apes are a common sight in the south west corner of the main Jema Al Fnaa square.

How much better to see them wild in their natural habitat?  The Hip Waterfalls and Monkeys day trip from Marrakech takes you the spectacular waterfalls at Ouzoud, the highest in North Africa.

You are guaranteed to see monkeys on this excursion. See monkeys roaming in the wild, or we will refund the cost of your excursion!

Excursions for families

Fantasia is great family entertainment and the seaside at Essaouira is an excellent excursion for children.  Imlil is a good choice if your children are comfortable walking on uneven terrain and Ourika is a fun option if they would enjoy an hour and a half or so walking and scrambling up the river bed to make it up to the waterfalls.

The Kasbahs, the Grand Tour and Waterfalls and Monkeys all involve a lot of driving and are less suitable. We would definitely not recommend the night in the desert which is a really ambitious trip that even some adults find tough going.

Car seats can be provided when they are clearly requested at the time of booking your excursion, and when your booking is made at least 48 hours before departure.

Stunning value for groups

Our excursions are private tours. With us you pay for the exclusive use of your own vehicle and driver.

We believe our excursions are good value for couples, they are undoubtedly GREAT value for families and larger groups.

For example, a full day excursion for a family of 14 to the stunning waterfalls at Ouzoud three hours drive from Marrakech would be £120 which is less than £9 per person.

Can you arrange a transfer from the airport?

We are experts in helping English speaking guests select appropriate accommodation and make the most of their stay.

In our experience airport transfers  are best organised by your Marrakech accommodation.  This will provide the best arrival experience for you and the most seamless communication, particularly in the event of flight delays. If you are staying at our own riads please get in touch and we would be delighted to arrange the transfers for you

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  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Unlimited mint tea
  • All rooms with ensuite
  • Breakfast at the time of your choice
  • Loan of local cell phone
  • Hair dryer
  • Evening meals prepared to order
  • Committed to responsible tourism
  • In room safe for valuables
  • In room mini-fridge
  • Giving back through Henna Café charity
  • World Storytelling Vegan Cafe
  • Flat screen TV with satellite channels
  • Hammam & massage
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