‘Caleche’ Horse drawn Carriage rides in Marrakech

A wonderful way to enjoy Marrakech is riding a Horse drawn carriage. Known locally by the French name ‘Caleche’ carriages are readily available on the South Side of the Jemma al Fnaa square opposite to the landmark ‘Club Med’ or within the Koutoubia Gardens public park. Note that official Caleche are regulated by the authorities, the carriages are painted a distinctive green and clearly numbered. Horses are regularly checked by vets and have small tags visible on their feet recording that they have been passed to work.

The most common and highly recommended Caleche excursion is an exterior tour of the Ramparts of the old town which takes between 45 minutes and an hour. Speak to your driver before you set off and discuss whether you want a guided tour or just a spin! Make sure at this stage that your chosen driver is able to communicate effectively and point out the sights on the way round.

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