Food Stand 14, Mohammed El Krita, our favourite fish stall in the Jemma al Fnaa

The food stalls in the Jemma al fnaa square, Marrakech are many and varied and all just a short walk from your luxury Riad Hotel. Our favourite fish stall is number 14 Haji Mohammed El Krita. The title Haji indicated by the abreviation Hj shows that the owner Mohammed has undertaken the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Used mainly by locals, who often stand two or three deep waiting for a space to sit, Krita is rarely frequented by tourists. Mohammed offers excellent value fresh fish from the ports of Essaouria and Casablanca. French fries and a variety of fresh salads are on offer as accompaniments. Our favourite is the aubergine with lemon.

Mohammed is a football supporter, you will sometimes find his stand closed if there is a big game on television!

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