Orange Canelle a Moroccan treat.

For a fresh taste of Marrakech it is hard to find a better example of a simple yet delicious dish as Orange Canelle or Moroccan Orange Salad. This salad is the simple combination of slices of orange placed on a plate with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top. This seemingly simple dish is a great addition to any Moroccan meal, it not only being a light and refreshing way to end a meal without feeling too bloated but it also being greatly thirst quenching, which in the ever present Moroccan heat can be a great way to finish a meal. The simple combination of flavours means that almost anyone can do it, but it is the variations between different practitioners of the preparation of Orange Canelle that truly brings it to life.

Cinnamon and Oranges

No two people will prepare it in quite the same way, in many ways representing the vibrancy and variation that it to be found within Marrakech itself. Whichever way it is prepared Orange Canelle is truly an authentic Moroccan experience, that must be tried in the country for the full experience. There is no better place to try this wonderful dish than in Marrakech itself in the Medina for a truly authentic Moroccan experience and there is no better place to stay in the medina than in one of our wonderful Riads. Book today.