Semester at Sea comes to Riad Cinammon and Riad Papillion.

From the 9th to the 12th of august 2011 Morocco received some visitors in the form of a whole cruise ship full of American students. This was thanks to the semester at sea program whereby students embark on a cruise ship (in this case starting in Nassua the Bahamas) and then proceed to tour a portion of the world whilst both having lessons and exploring the regions in which the boat and the travellers find themselves. This summer the boat and its inhabitants were travelling round the Mediterranean stopping off in Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and finally of course Morocco. This year a group of students booked the exclusive use of Riad Papillion and the majority of Riad Cinnamon. The students indulged in a number of activities of which their favourites were zip-lining in Terre d’Amaner and camel riding and quad biking in the Atlas Mountains. All arranged by member of our staff for the visitors and all at short notice.

The semester at sea students reported that they enjoyed the Riads friendly and relaxed atmosphere and that the staff really helped them take full advantage of the environment of Marrakech. They also praised the Riads convenient setting in the heart of the historic old town and the brief walk to the new town and to the Jemaa el Fna square. All in all the students seemed very pleased with their experience and we hope to see such groups here again at our Riads, as we also played host to a Semester at sea group in 2010 and they gave similarly warm appraisals. It would be an absolute pleasure to see such a group again. Why not book your own holiday with us to have a similarly wonderful experience?