Chez Josephine, New York

We don’t often write about restaurants outside of Marrakech but are making this exception for quite possibly the most welcoming restaurant in the world!

In the words of Jason Sheftell of the New York Daily News “Certain New York scenes are not dead yet. There are still low-lit corners where the Madagascar ambassador can sit next to a 6-foot-4 transvestite draped in a red-sequined gown while a child star fresh from the Broadway stage can down French fries and chocolate milk near an aging actress sipping Kir Royale and chatting with an English innkeeper from Morocco.”

The hospitality of our friend Jean-Claude Baker is second to none and the venue a wonderful tribute to his adoptive mother Josephine, the worlds first real pop Star.  We are currently completing a careful renovation of the Marrakech Riad where Josephine lived during the darkest days of the second wold war. She is fondly remembered in Marrakech for a warmth that is still to be found on 42nd street just a short walk from Time Square.