Folk Art Festival Marrakech 2013

For a period of five days, between 17th and 21st of June, Marrakech will be hosting a cultural event of music diversity. At the Folk Art Festival of Marrakech, one of the oldest events of such amplitude, you will see important Moroccan bands like Reggada, Ahwach, Ahidous, Dekka Elmarrakchia, Houara, Elguedra, Rakba, S’kel. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate the unification of the 16 regions that formed the kingdom beginning with 1960, the religious and rural way of living, through songs, dances and storytelling, with the participation of more than 400 artists.

Marrakech is the city chosen for this festival due to its good geographical position and the touristic attractions that formed its reputation, and the event will unfold in different places like El Badi Palace, Stade El Harti, the Menara Gardens and also another dozen stages.

If you are interested in the Moroccan culture and want to experience unique and unforgettable moments, you should consider staying in a Marrakech riad. These places are filled with history and culture, a true work of art of Moroccan craftsmen where tradition and modern touches combine beautifully.