Mandarin Oranges in the Streets of the Marrakech Medina

Across the Marrakech Medina, almost on every derb (street), there are many small stalls selling a variety of food from home cooked bread to dried fruit. Indeed, each stall specialises in a different food-type and many sell fresh fruit sourced from the local Marrakech area. It is undoubtedly true that the summer months (July to September) the Fig de Barbarie is the most popular fruit among locals. However during the winter months, when the famous fig is out of season, the Mandarin Orange reigns as the most popular fruit snack.

The mandarin is tender and is damaged easily by cold and can only be grown in tropical and subtropical areas. This is why the mandarin, and indeed most fruits, suits the warm Marrakech climate perfectly. The mandarin is part of the orange family, yet it remains smaller and easier to peel than a normal orange, making it the perfect street snack. Like all members of the citrus family, they provide a boost of vitamins, minerals and natural sugars, giving a healthy natural energy to fuel your walk around the Medina.

These small fruit stalls are used by locals and tourists alike and we highly recommend you take a visit. The local stall sellers are always friendly and happy to help you make your purchase and the fruit is always fresh, healthy and safe to eat.

Although you can also find fresh fruit on every street in the red city, our luxury Riads also serve fresh fruit at breakfast and for snacks during the day upon request. So, why not book a stay at one of our traditional Moroccan accommodation today?