The Club Culturel Mohamed Abed Al Jabal Marrakech Book Exposition, Jemaa el Fnaa Square

Running from the 15th January 2015 to the 10th February 2015 Marrakech’s world famous Jemaa el Fnaa square hosted a book exposition hosted by ‘Club Culturel Mohamed Abed Al Jabal Marrakech’.

The late Mohamed Abed Al-Jabri (1935-2010) is a popular Moroccan philosopher who specialised in considering the convergence of tradition and modernity in the contemporary Muslim world. It is fitting, then, that his legacy shall be cemented in celebrations of knowledge and the sharing of knowledge in events such as this Book Exposition. Similarly, it is also apt that such an event be held in the central square in Marrakech; the Jemaa el Fna square is historically a place of oral storytelling, an art still practiced today.

The ‘Club Culturel Mohamed Abed Al Jabal’ book exposition runs until the 10th February. However, if you are traveling to Marrakech after this date then fear not, you have not missed out. There is always so many unique things to do and interesting things to see in Marrakech and, as always, we highly recommend a visit to the world famous Jemaa el Fnaa square