Shoe Shine

Ba Ibrahim 66years old is a proud of his profession and and as  he said that from those little money that the guests left for him; he supports his family of 7 persons.  He has been performing his career more than  20 years, and he considered himself as a legend, due to the omniscient that he got about the details of events that happened in the square, since the 70s years.

Shoe shine
He depends on his job on simple tools, such the brushes, sponge,shoes polish ; he gathers  then ,when he finish , in his bleu box that has a base , and they called R’biaa, that is by the way, as he said the symbol of his job. More than that he is able to repair the damaged shoes for the tourists if they had a sudden accident of walking.
Moreover the most important thing that he gains -as he said- is the respect around his workmates, that seems in asking there help whenever they need, and also teach him the fundamental of his career.


He said that he being happy  during the winter, as the shoes become highly and extremely used by people, and most of them aim his place. And he said in a funny accent that he is happy to share the people in the elegance of their foot.