Ten top useful tips for visiting Marrakech

It’s always helpful to have some local info for your holidays, so here are a few top tips to make your stay in Marrakech simple.
I have been travelling in Morocco for over 16 years, and here are a few very easy things which I always do which make my trip more comfortable.

  1. Bring the name and address of your accommodation in Morocco, you will need to put the details into your immigration form.
  2. Bring a contact number for your accommodation, sometimes transfers get delayed, and your riad will quickly resolve any hold up for you.
  3. Download the free smartphone App the Marrakech Riad Travel Guide before you leave home. It makes getting lost in Marrakech a thing of the past! Plus the extra confidence it gives you to explore will change your experience in so many positive ways
  4. When I arrive in Marrakech I ask for small notes and change at the bureau de change. (There are some in the airport and others around the city). There are lots of tips to give and I like to have change to do this. Also having the right money for taxis etc makes life so much easier!
  5. Ask your riad for a business card, or even better a local mobile phone to use during your stay, so that you can keep in touch with them if you need some help.
  6. Think about shoes! There’s so much that can be explored on foot, and the heat of the day can make your shoes seem smaller and less comfy! I always buy any new shoes for my trips at least one size larger than my normal fitting.
  7. Layers are the best advice for clothes, as the time of day, environment, changes so will what is comfortable to wear. A large scarf or pashmina is perfect if you don’t have one, there are lots of beauties on offer in the souks!
  8. I always carry a lip balm, the desert can be unforgiving, and daily use of a delicious lip balm is great advice, use it everyday to avoid playing moisture catch up later!
  9. A small pack of tissues is another really useful thing to keep, some prefer wet wipes, either is helpful if you need a quick hand wash or sneeze!
  10. Smile!! it seems so simple, but my best advice is to enjoy every minute, and smile at everyone, it will certainly make your day happier and those you meet will enjoy your sunny disposition and treat you with the same happy response.

Have a magical time in Marrakech, I hope that these ten easy steps will make your trip super smooth and relaxed!

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