Visiting Morocco in the month of May

Lonely Planet and the Daily Express have voted Morocco as a perfect destination for the month of May. Their Darling buds of May selections urges travellers to visit in the spring.

The Kingdom of Morocco made it to the listing thanks to its “ideal temperature”, marvelous landscapes and flower festival.

Marrakech hovers in the high 20°C perfect for wandering the souks; coastal Essaouira is a refreshing 20°C (68°F); and the Sahara is hot (30°C+; 86°F+) but still at a temperature where it is comfortable to make a visit.

Special seasonal reference was made to the Valley of the Roses, in the High Atlas Mountains for being “particularly pretty during its May flower festival.”

In addition, it highlighted Mount Toubkal which, reaching 13,671 feet high, offers an adventurous hikes for adrenaline junkies and promises an unforgettable experience to whoever visits it.

A base in Marrakech which is served by the beautiful new Menara Airport is the perfect start to your Moroccan adventure. And what better way to enjoy the authentic Morocco than a stay in a traditional riad. Experience true affordable luxury at one of our four beautiful riads.

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