Josephine Baker in Marrakech

Josephine Baker stayed in Casablanca for medical treatment following a prolonged illness. During her time in hospital in Casablanca she was visited regularly by the Pacha of Marrakech; Thami El Glaoui. Their close relationship was well known, and it was also rumoured that she had miscarried his child, leading to her illness and spell in hospital.

Upon her return to Marrakech, rather than return to stay in the Palace of the Glaoui situated on Dar El Bacha; Jospehine was gifted a riad by Si Mohammed Menbhi. Si Mohammed Menbhi was the son of the Grand Vizier.  Riad Star is the home which was formerly loaned by this great and famous man to Josephine.

Josephine recuperated in the home she was gifted the use of, but it is also rumoured that the menagerie of animals she travelled with at the time, namely two white mice, three monkeys and a great dane were key to the generous gift of a home of her own. The animals were not popular with the ladies of the harem in the palace of the Pacha.  Josephine described her new home as her intimate palace, with a courtyard for her animals to enjoy.


Come to visit the one time Marrakech home of this iconic woman