Candis Magazine in Marrakech.

Sally Evans visited Marrakech for  Candis Women’s family & Lifestyle magazine.

Her account of staying in Marrakech describes beautiful mosques, enchanting palaces and thriving souks.

With a beautiful account of her experiences and a host of helpful tips the essence of this beautiful ancient city is vibrantly shared by her clear passion for the red city.


“Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is a North African country with Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. With more than one million inhabitants, Marrakesh – known as the Red City due to its famous pinkish- red tinted walls, plazas and narrow alleyways – is one of Morocco’s largest cities. The world-famous medina is quite an assault on the senses; the smells, sounds, energy and the constant bustle is overwhelming, but once over the culture shock you’ll be ready to explore and appreciate the vibrancy of this medieval town. A protected heritage site, the buildings have scarcely changed for centuries, with narrow streets and no pavements you’d be wise to adopt the custom of walking in single file on the right-hand side to avoid the never-ending stream of mopeds, motorbikes and donkey carts whizzing past!”

A very well written article with advice for haggling and exploring  and definitely a helpful read for those wishing to plan a trip to Marrakech

You can read the full article to help you to feel the wonderful vibe of a trip to Marrakech here.

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