Josephine Baker and Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker are both women who inspire great respect and iconic status.

Individually they both flourished as artists in their fields of painting and performance. At a point in history marred by bigotry and racism they reached heights of fame. Josephine and Frida were both known to be bisexual, and when they met in Paris in 1939 they admired one another , it is widely rumoured that they had an affair at that time.  Josephine’s son Jean Claude speaks of his mothers female lovers in his book ‘The Hungry Heart.’

The movie ‘Frida’ depicts the start of the affair between these two iconic women. It suggests that they met in a Parisian nightclub following a performance by Josephine.

The similarities historically between the two iconic women have many parallels, politically they risked their lives for their beliefs, they both possessed extraordinary talent, both lost children during pregnancies and both were formidable, strong and independent women.

Riad star in Marrakech was the former home of Josephine Baker, and her myriad qualities are reflected in the beautiful decor and the names of the suites and rooms. The rainbow room celebrates Josephine’s sexuality and her 12 adopted children who she called her rainbow tribe.

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