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At Marrakech Riad we pride ourselves on offering our guests as much support and information as they require to help them to plan their perfect stay in our beautiful Medina accommodation.some basic information for tourists visiting Marrakech, Morocco is on offer here for our guests.


Ok, so the fasten seatbelt signs is off and everyone is rushing to get off the airplane even though the doors are not open yet… you are all anxious to experience Marrakech as soon as possible. You enter terminal building and confused you steer towards passport control and think: ‘that is a long queue!’ ( […]


Argan oil is referred to as the “liquid gold” of Morocco because it is so rare. The delicate trees it comes from only grow in a very specific microclimate of Morocco: the Sous Valley south and east of Essaouira. The rich cosmetic oil has recently attracted great attention in the beauty industry because it is […]


It is customary to offer fresh fruit at the end of a good meal in Marrakech. In our Riads we are proud to offer locally sourced seasonal fruit. The bowl pictured here is an Autumn Selection. When it comes to our fruit bowls, we don’t reject misshapen fruits, as we believe it is the flavour […]


The name of this spice mix literally translates to “top of the shop” as it is made up of the best spices that each spice shop carries. One of our favorite ras al hanout shops in the medina features cloves, cardamom pods and seeds, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, star anise, ash and cubeb berries, mace, and […]

Riad Star

Marrakech Riad Reservations + 44 (0) 207 570 0336 Diplomatic Representation   French Consulate +212 05 24 38 82 00 British Consulate +212 05 24 43 60 78 Medical Assistance   Poison Control Centre +212 05 37 68 64 64   Radiology Centre South +212 05 24 44 79 99   Clinic IBN Toufail 121 […]

cookbook marrakech riad

Our new Marrakech Riad Cookbook brings our signature welcoming Moroccan hospitality and delicious, wholesome cuisine to the kitchens of home cooks everywhere. Representing a selection of favourite, home-cooked dishes regularly enjoyed by guests at our riads and taught in the Marrakech Riad cookery school, this book invites readers to relish recipes passed down through generations […]

marrakech offers

Come and join us on our magical journey to the elegant Riad Star, located in the beautiful World Heritage city of Marrakech. Our carefully created retreat will allow you to deeply relax, have fun and learn about living mindfully over four rejuvenating nights in the heart of Marrakech. Attached to the old Pasha’s palace which […]

ryanair to marrakech

Hello, Szia, Ahoj, Dzień dobry! Marrakech got much more accessible now for Europeans after Ryanair has released new flights from Budapest ( Hungary), Prague ( Czech Republic), Krakov ( Poland)  and Bratislava ( Slovakia). They fly two or three times a week to the sunny city of Marrakech. It has never been a better time to […]

Marrakech Donkey

As you walk the streets of Marrakech, you won’t just find humans working, but donkeys, too. Donkeys are essential to the Marrakshi work force, especially in the Old Town. The streets of the Medina are so narrow, that oftentimes workers at building sites are unable to transport their materials with anything other than a donkey-drawn […]


If you like clay pots, tagines, lamps or anything else to do with handmade clay items from Morocco, you should visit Souk Rabeaa, not far from the famous Marrakech tannery and Souk Khamis. The displays throughout the shop are laden with every clay and ceramic ware imaginable.  The space used to be a vegetable market, […]

Majorelle Gardens 2

Most people who have an interest in visiting Marrakech have heard of the Majorelle Gardens. The sprawling expanse of plants from all over the world, the Majorelle blue accent walls, and the Yves Saint Laurent museum garner hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. A lesser known (and much cheaper) element of the space is […]

Marrakech Cat

Cats are all over the place in Marrakech. You’ll find them relaxing in the streets, playing with one another by shop entrances, and even coming up to you for some cuddles! The whole city is their stomping ground. Cats are in cafes, restaurants, and, sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised to find a furry feline friend […]

Supratours Marrakech and ONCF

Marrakech is a hub of activity, jam packed with historical landmarks, museums, galleries, shopping districts and an abundance of eateries. If you are visiting only for a few days, it is highly unlikely that you will find time to leave the city. However, if you are planning on visiting for a week or two then […]

Marrakech Kaleche

The word “Caleche” may not be familiar to you, if you’ve never spent a week or two in Morocco before. The word itself is a french, feminine noun which found it’s way to Morocco during the French Colonisation in the 1950’s.  The term Caleche is now a commonly used name for what is formally known […]

Marrakech Railway Station 2008

Morocco is a vast & complex country, and yet it is highly unlikely that you will ever find yourself unable to negotiate travelling between one city and another. Despite expansive areas of empty desert plains, scarcely populated farming districts and technology-free mountainous ridges; from every main city there are an abundance of transport options which […]

The Tanneries Marrakech

The ancient tanneries of Marrakech are the perhaps crude, but very functional industrial areas where animal skins are put through the stages of a process called “tanning”. Essentially, it is where animal skins undergo the transformation from raw animal to workable leather. For many years, the tanneries have been an attraction for visitors who wish […]


If you’ve done your research on Marrakech before visiting, you might have come across some off putting exerts from people who have had a negative experience when trying to make a taxi journey. In this article, we will offer advice on how to make your taxi journey easy & your interaction with the drivers more […]


A credit is due to the Marrakchi (local Moroccan) people,  for their ability to restore and salvage materials and items which we might usually disregard or replace. There is really no disposable attitude towards possessions. If something is acquired, it is generally worked hard for and therefore treasured. Not only plastic bottles and bags, electrical equipment […]


Looking at the topic of recycling in Marrakech, there are several ways in which the locals maintain a “waste not, want not” mentality. It is wonderful to behold the reality of a community in which people salvage what they can use again & look for practical solutions to step away from a throw-away, disposable society. […]

recycle, re-use, repurpose

The end of 2017 brought us a sequel to the award winning Planet Earth; and along with this visually stunning nature series came a general mass-awakening to the human responsibility of preserving the planet we live upon. A hot political topic in January 2018 has been the damaging effects of plastic waste on the ecology […]


The newly built Yves St Laurent fashion museum in Marrakech has been named by the Architectural Digest as one of the most influential buildings of 2017. The new museum displays fashion pieces created  by the iconic fashion designer who loved Marrakech. Designed by the French architecture firm headed by Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier, the […]

UNESCO world heritage top location

African media outlet site Afrika News has ranked the Moroccan Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou in Ouarzazate as one of the top four most distinguished UNESCO heritage sites across Africa. The famous Kasbah made it to the top of the list ahead of Victoria Falls , Kenya’s lake system, and the Namib Sand Sea. The report stated that “Morocco is one […]

Wine Tasting with Marrakech riad

Wine may not be our first association when we think of Morocco, yet there superb wines and beautiful vineyards. Charles de Melia a renowned wine maker from the Chateauneuf du Pape region in France makes a selection of fabulous wines at his Moroccan vineyard.  This is the most southerly vineyard in North Africa and also has […]


Autumn 2017 has not been kind to the Marrakech community in addition to the passing of the iconic Pierre Berge we also lost Mohamed Zkhiri who has a lower profile internationally but was no less widely appreciated in the Red City. Mike and Lucie have fond memories of Mohammed’s hospitality at Dar Yacout, a golden eopoque […]

morocco world cup bid

Morocco has declared its intention to bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup with a formal proposal to be submitted by 16th March 2018. The 2026 tournament will be the first to be held under a new 48 team format with 16 first round groups of three teams meaning 10 to 12 stadiums will be […]

Koutoubia Mosque Marrakech

Sally Evans visited Marrakech for  Candis Women’s family & Lifestyle magazine. Her account of staying in Marrakech describes beautiful mosques, enchanting palaces and thriving souks. With a beautiful account of her experiences and a host of helpful tips the essence of this beautiful ancient city is vibrantly shared by her clear passion for the red city.   […]

Beyonce star Marrakech henna

When it comes to contemporary  iconic women and their style choices Beyonce is the lady who turns heads. Her pregnancy has been covered in the media since her creative photo shoot to make the news public. At her elaborate baby shower the most alluring of details was her intricate henna tattoo.  Beyonce’s choice is a beautiful […]