Main Courses


Perfect recipe for a Friday lunch!


This is often referred to as the Moroccan National Dish.


A great combination of seasonal fresh vegetables and lamb. This recipe works well with beef.


For Moroccans, food is a big deal! A full belly is the key to a full and happy mind, and within the framework of this culture; a person takes immense pride in cooking delicious, fresh meals.


Another great tagine recipe, this time with Monkfish, tomatoes, peppers and obviously lemons.


Couscous is traditionally eaten on Fridays, and the whole family makes great efforts to be together to eat.


The tagine is by far the most popular cooking item in Morocco. No matter where you are in the country, you will find one in the kitchen. The word “tagine” specifically refers to a clay pot with a cone-shaped lid that slowly cooks meats and vegetables until they are moist and oh so tender.


Many visitors to Morocco are familiar with Tagine, the classic slow cooked Moroccan meal prepared in a cone shaped clay pot of the same name.  The ancient City of Marrakech has a signature slow cooked dish which is even more special, the TANJIA.


This crowd-pleasing dish is traditionally made for special occasions with pigeon meat.