Here at Riads Cinnamon and Papillon we buy as much as possible of our food from local suppliers. We shop daily visiting our regular stall and shop owners. Their personal relationships directly back to the farmer mean that we know where our food has been right from the minute that it has been picked till the moment it lands on your table. We take great pride in the fact that we endeavour to support local businesses and individuals who not only help us to provide our guests  and staff fantastic fresh food but help contribute to the local economy.

This photo shows Hassan our supplier of the majority of our fruit and veg and Yassine the guardian of Riad Papillon placing an order with him. Hassan has been working in his shop for over 10 years now since he took it over from his father. He has been supplying Riad Papillon since we opened in 2009. Early each morning he goes to the outskirts of the city where he and other traders purchase fruit and vegetables from farmers based around Marrakech.  So why not book a room with one of our riads today, safe in the knowledge that you’ll not only be spending an amazing time in an amazing place but also helping local people.