Fresh Orange juice in Jemaa el Fna

When under the boiling sun that is often to be found in Morocco and indeed much of north Africa, there is little more refreshing or thirst quenching than a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. Luckily if you happen to find yourself in the great square of Jemaa el Fna there is certainly no short supply of places where you can find such a cup of orange juice. Indeed the square is dotted with dozens of stalls bedecked with oranges which when approached will slice then squeeze the oranges for your consumption before your eyes. Not only are the oranges squeezed in front of you, but you can guaranteed that the oranges have been picked from the surrounding countryside and brought to the square that day. Guaranteeing a truly ‘fresh’ experience. This coupled with the fact that a cup will only set you back 4 dirhams (around 35p) means that a cup of juice in the square on a hot day is certainly not something to be missed out on.

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