Drinking Pistachios

Of all the ingredients that spring to mind when one thinks of a smoothie, pistachios are probably not the first thing that springs to most peoples mind. However they are in fact used as a key ingredient in traditional yoghurt based Moroccan drinks. Indeed one would also imagine that the flavour of pistachios would not lend itself particularly to a drink, however once more the Moroccans buck the trend, the drink is only to be found in small market stalls and shops and is mostly sold in plastic bags which one must cut the edge of in order to open to drink. It is created from a mixture of whole pistachios, blended pistachios, honey and yoghurt. Although of course the recipe varies from seller to seller which is one of the reasons which makes trying the drink a diferent experience every time. Such idiosyncrasies are one of the many things that make Morocco and Marrakech such a magical place to visit. Indeed no visit to Morocco or Marrakech is truly complete without a visit to such a place in order to buy food or in this case pistachio yoghurt drink.


This drink is one of the many peculiar and interesting things which can be tried around the souks and markets of Marrakech and our Riads are perfectly positioned in order to take full advantage of them. Indeed one of the great things about being situated within the Medina is the ability to see and take advantage of all the things that traditional Marrakech has to offer. So book one of our wonderful Riads today so you too can experience the world of cultural delights that await.