Royalty in the Medina: Bahia Palace

Located in the Mellah district of the Marrakech Medina along Rue Bahia Bab Mellah is Bahia Palace (Palais de la Bahia), just south of the cities central square and a five minute stroll from the Riad Dar Habiba.

The Bahia Palace and the stunning sets of tranquil gardens enclosed behind its walls are within easy walking distance from Djemaa El Fnaa and have thus become a hugely popular destination for visitors of the red city.

After speaking with some of the helpful tour guides within the Palace, I learn that the Bahia was constructed in the late 19th Century between 1894 and 1900 by the commission of a father and his son, Si Moussa and Ba Amed. Both were Viziers to Moroccan sultans and their intentions were to build a Palace that would outshine any other Palace of its time.

Indeed some may argue that they succeeded. Trickling fountains, fresh orange trees and shaded gardens are scattered throughout the walled pavilions of the Palace, allowing the name ‘Bahia’ meaning “brilliance” to live up to it’s standards.

Alongside the pastoral beauty within the Bahia palace, the level of craftsmanship that decorates the floors and ceilings of the complex is truly remarkable. Intricately crafted poly-chrome mosaic’s known as Zellij (or zellige) deck the ceilings of the rooms of the Bahia Palace, of which many were designed to house the wives of the ruling Sultan.

Bahia craftsmanship

The Bahia Palace showcases a beautiful fusion between traditional Moroccan and Islamic architectural design and for only 10 Dirhams entry you can gain a fascinating glimpse into to history of the kingdom of Morocco. Make sure you stop by to admire this truly astounding landmark just a short walk from our Riad hotel Dar Habiba.