The Almoravid Dynasty and Moul Lksour

In the neighbourhood of Dar el Bacha there lies an ancient history of royalty, wealth and opulence of the former Almoravid Empire. About a thousand years ago, the area served a a residential and administrative sector for the princes and dignitaries who belonged to the dynasty.

Yet the neighbourhood also holds a rich cultural significance for another reason, for it was where the quarters were for one of the 7 saints of Marrakech. This holy man went by the name of Moul Lksour, or Mohamed Ben Abdellah El Ghazouani and he remains highly revered to this very day.

In times gone past, the people of the district considered him a highly important figure. In times of internal revolts he was a pacifier and mediator, and during drought and famine he aided the local citizens.

Perhaps what Moul Lksour was most esteemed for was his abilities for healing. Many people in Marrakech still make ‘Ziyara’ (meaning ‘the visit’) to this hallowed site to pay homage, and benefit from the healing powers left by this treasured religious individual.

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