Moroccan Pastry Chef attempts world record bake.

Moroccan pastry chef, Said Lâouaouda, could enter the Guinness World Records thanks to the gigantic 140-kilogram pie.

The young Chef from Morocco has created a vast Panettone; a traditional Italian cake made with candied fruits and pearl sugar.

The mammoth task took four days of work by four people.  The recipe required 69 kilograms of flour, 27 kilograms of butter, 18 kilograms of sugar, 15 kilograms of egg yolks, 18 kilograms of raisins and 11 kilograms of candied orange

The Panettone weighs 140 kilos, and is 2 meters high and 1 meter and a half wide.

The initiative hopes to raise funds for charity as well as hitting the history books by being entered into  the Guinness Book of records.

Everyone at Marrakech Riad Cookery school wishes Said Lâouaouda and his team the very best of luck with this project. Always aim for the stars!

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