Yves St Laurent museum wins architectural accolade

The newly built Yves St Laurent fashion museum in Marrakech has been named by the Architectural Digest as one of the most influential buildings of 2017.

The new museum displays fashion pieces created  by the iconic fashion designer who loved Marrakech.

Designed by the French architecture firm headed by Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier, the museum features a temporary exhibition space, a 130-seat auditorium, a bookshop, and a research library that will focus on literature, botany, Berber culture, poetry and history.

The bricks used in the construction of the front of the building were manufactured in local kilns which are fired using olive pits.

The Architectural Digest said that the earth-torched exterior seamlessly blends in with the surrounding desert landscape.

Along with the neighbouring Majorelle gardens and the museum of Berber culture on the same site this is the perfect place to spend a day in Marrakech. An array of places to eat are within and near to the area.

Ask the staff at your Marrakech Riad to arrange a traditional caleche ride to and from the museum to make a perfect day. We pride ourselves on helping you to make the most of your Marrakech holiday experience.