Moroccan Dance and Folklore – Guedra

Guedra represents several aspects of a form of dance which is particular to Southern Morocco, Mauritania and Algeria.

The primary meaning of Guedra is cooking pot, when this pot is covered with a stretched leather skin to create a drum, the drum is also known as Guedra. When the drummer plays a beat representing a heartbeat using the transformed pot, this beat is also called Guedra. The form of movements made by the dancers responding to that beat, at all times whilst the dancer is on their knees is called Guedra. The dancer is also called Guedra.

For the most part the dancers are covered by a piece of fine fabric whilst performing, but beneath this veil they are heavily adorned, with henna, jewels and headpieces.

The dance is generally performed in Nomadic tents, and as such the women remain on their knees for much of the performance.

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