First hour in Marrakech

Ok, so the fasten seatbelt signs is off and everyone is rushing to get off the airplane even though the doors are not open yet… you are all anxious to experience Marrakech as soon as possible.

You enter terminal building and confused you steer towards passport control and think: ‘that is a long queue!’ ( before you get on that queue, make sure you get a landing card and fill it.) You would need to know the address of the riad you are staying and some other personal information. Quick and easy but you can’t join the queue if you have not filled that.

Then you wait and wait and think to yourself: ‘ how chaotic this country must be! ‘ . In their own way they are organized and efficient.

After you finally reach the police officer ( should be around 20-50 minutes if you are lucky ) they will stamp your passport and you are in Marrakech. Or not just yet, there is another guy as you walk out, checking that the police has stamped your passport, then you collect your check in bags and you run it through another scanner! Then, the doors open and as you walk towards the exit you get a glimpse of the newly built Marrakech Menara airport terminal: What a piece of work.

You start to see some people holding various signs! If you booked a transfer with us, head towards the exit, smile and say hi to the nice soldiers guarding the door and then as you breath in the hot Marrakech air, look for a driver holding your Riad’s sign. Very easy.

After you found him, you will get in and into the madness of Marrakech traffic. If you think it is chaotic and insane…well, you are right. Even so, you get comfortable, quick and safe to the nearest Medina gate where a welcoming member of our team will greet you, take you and your bags to the Riad and your adventure begins.

All we can say is: relax, enjoy and safe travels.