Marrakech Riad Cookbook

There is an arabic proverb “if a pot is cooking the friendship will stay warm”

Here at Marrakech Riad we are proud to offer welcoming and authentic Moroccan hospitality. Nowhere is this more evident than in our wholesome and delicious cuisine. Grounded in fresh seasonal produce from the local souks these magical recipes connect you to an oral tradition that goes back to the foundation of Marrakech a thousand years ago.

khobz moroccan bread

The moroccan flat bread, the Medina bread or khobz is without a doubt the most ubiquitous food item in Morocco. If you eat three times a day, you eat khobz three times a day; if you eat five times a day, you eat khobz five times a day. This bread if always on the table […]


Taktouka is a fresh salad made out of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, paprika, peppers.The word “Taktouka” (Arabic:طقطوقة) is derived from “taktak” (Arabic:طقطق) which means “to grind” in Arabic.


Msemmens are eaten up to twice a day in Morocco. Once for breakfast and again in the late afternoon, but always with sweet mint tea.  


This crowd-pleasing dish is traditionally made for special occasions with pigeon meat.


Zaalouk also known as babaganoush, aubergine or eggplant caviar, is a delicious Seasonal Moroccan salad, a must-have with every Moroccan meal!


Simple yet delicious dessert perfect for those hot summer months. Perfectly ripped oranges mixed with ground cinnamon and powdered sugar.

cookbook marrakech riad

Our new Marrakech Riad Cookbook brings our signature welcoming Moroccan hospitality and delicious, wholesome cuisine to the kitchens of home cooks everywhere. Representing a selection of favourite, home-cooked dishes regularly enjoyed by guests at our riads and taught in the Marrakech Riad cookery school, this book invites readers to relish recipes passed down through generations […]