Serves 2

Simple yet delicious dessert perfect for those hot summer months. Perfectly ripped oranges mixed with ground cinnamon and powdered sugar.


2 oranges, preferably seedless navel oranges
A small handful of almonds
Sugar and cinnamon to sprinkle on top


Using a sharp knife, cut off the top and bottom off of each orange. Then slice the rind away from top to bottom to remove as much as possible. Once all of the rind is gone, go back in with the knife to make sure the pith has been removed as well. Place the oranges on their sides and slice horizontally to your desired thickness, then lay out on a plate. Pulse the almonds in a grinder and sprinkle on top with the sugar and cinnamon. Serve.


  • In order to make the most of this dish, you need to understand your oranges. If they are in season, you will need very little sugar to sweeten them up. At other times of the year, you may need a lot more. You need to balance the slight tartness and acidity of the orange with the sugar.

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