Street art in Marrakech

Above is an example of the kind of street art that can be seen on a walk through Marrakech. This piece of art is the work of French street artist Christian Guémy who goes under the pseudonym of ‘C215’. Guémy has been described as being akin in style and popularity to British street artist ‘Banksy’ and his stencil art murals can be seen worldwide, from Marrakech to New York.

Guémy’s technique is to stencil close up portraits of the forgotten individuals of any given city, be it the homeless, street kids or refugees. In this way we remember their faces as we walk down the street.

I spotted this piece in the souk’s, on the door of a local tangia cooker only a few minutes walk from Riad’s Cinnamon and Papillon. I asked him how he felt about and the the image of the small girl being showcased on his front door and he told me was delighted.

This is not the only stencil mural ‘C215’ has publicly exhibited in Morocco and if street art is something that particularly interests you, then during a visit there are opportunities to see much more from this artist!