Herb shopping in Marrakech – holistic remedies

Herb shopping is a hugely important role in Moroccan day to day life and during a trip through the souk’s you simply have to get talking to someone in order to discover the fascinating culinary, spiritual and medicinal uses for the herbs you can buy in Marrakech. Here is a list of just a few remedies that are on offer:

Nigella Seed (Sanouj)
The guardian of the Dar Habiba Hotel Riad who accompanied me on this trip expressed that this herb was particularly important as the Prophet Mohommed testified that this seed can cure any illness except death. Ranging from everyday uses from healing toothaches to promoting contractions during labour, Nigella seed is also said to be to be composed of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Water of the rose is a key ingredient in Moroccan cosmetics and cuisine. Used to flavour dishes and hydrate facial skin to stop anti-aging, Rose water is arguably one of the most popular holistic treatments used on a day to day basis in Morocco.

Lemon Verbena (Louiza)
This greenish herb is said to warm your very blood and is to be taken before and after birth for a smooth and safe delivery of a child. It’s also believed to be an effective holistic remedy for insomnia, asthma and stress.

Lavender’s unique smell makes it a popular candidate in cosmetics not only in Morocco but all over the world. Although the Dar Habiba’s guardian explains to me that in North Africa, Lavender is one of the key ingredients in a powerful aphrodisiac for men.

Whatever your ailment, if you don’t mind haggling then there is a holistic treatment to be found from one of the many herbs and spice salesmen during your visit to Marrakech.