Motorbikes in the Marrakech Medina

Anyone who has experienced Marrakech will know that unlike most Europeans, the Marrakshi are on the move 24/7. Be it by donkey, horse, motorbike or car you will see the local inhabitants speeding through the ancient city all through the day and night.

This does indeed give Marrakech a unique atmosphere. At times it feels as though the city is so completely charged with sound, smell, movement and energy that it almost seems fit to explode.

Taking this into account however it’s good to remember that Marrakech uses a right hand system in its winding alleyways and roads. Keeping this in mind will help you avoid a bump from a passing bicycle or mope.

So although you may want to have your headphones in to keep up with your Darija Arabic pod-casts, it’s probably better to have all your senses in-tune with the beat of the city in order to prevent a needless scrape!