Orange juice stalls in the centre of Marrakech

Situated in the middle of Marrakech, the central square (Jemaa El Fnaa) truly can be described as the beating heart of the city and a day spent wandering through the groups of performers, artists and musicians can indeed be thirsty work.

So when you’re ready for refreshment there really is no other option than to try a glass of orange juice from one of the countless street vendors that take up shop daily within the square.

All the oranges are freshly picked, sourced locally and have a richer taste compared to what you might expect back in the United Kingdom. So for only 4 Dirham (30 pence) a glass this is my first port of call when the Moroccan heat gets too intense for me.

In the picture above is my vendor of choice, whose name is Abdel. His stall was the first one I encountered in the five minutes it takes me to walk from the Riad I’m staying in to the central square.

As it’s currently the month of Ramadan in the Muslim world last night he shared some of his chebakia (a Moroccan sesame cookie shaped into a flower) with me after I enjoyed a glass of his orange juice.

This level of hospitality is commonplace in Marrakech, even though though I’m sure he doesn’t remember my name!

Marrakech Jemaa al Fnaa Map

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