Marrakech street food – moul seikok

A short stroll through the winding labyrinthine streets of the red city of Marrakech will lead you to encounter a huge variety of traditional street foods being sold.

One such dish is moul seikok, a fusion of steamed semolina seeds and milk. If you are strolling through one of Marrakech’s many souks, you may hear the seikok salesmen as they cruise along the streets on their motorbikes selling their food to the workers of the markets.

At only 3 Moroccan dirhams (£0.20) a bowl, you would be mad not to try a bowl of this delicacy, and you will find the salesmen themselves to be delighted if you take an interest in the local cuisine that isn’t directly aimed at tourists.

The famous souk districts of Marrakech are all within a short walking distance from any one of our luxury hotel Riads.