Josephine Baker – Heroine of the French resistance.

Josephine Baker, one time resident of Riad Star in Marrakech is of course celebrated worldwide as an iconic Singer, dancer and actress. Her glittering career as an entertainer spanned five decades. A lesser known fact about this Jazz age icon is the amazing and brave role she played as a spy for the French resistance during the second world war.

The legend is that Josephine Baker was so adored that the star stuck Nazi guards let her travel with little trouble. Josephine and the French resistance used this to their advantage, and Josephine carried secret messages with her. The messages were hidden on her sheet music using invisible ink!  Josephine was awarded military honours for her services during the war.

Riad Star in Marrakech is a stunning riad which has been lovingly restored, respecting and retaining the Art Deco styling enjoyed by Josephine herself. We are proud to offer the very best riad experience. A visit to the former home of Josephine Baker is a joy for those who love Josephine, Morocco, relaxation and art.  Visit us soon!