Morocco to Timbuktu: Africa’s Historical Trade Routes

“Morocco to Timbuktu – An Arabian Adventure,” BBC  production.

Marrakech resident Alice Morrison takes us on an epic travel adventure to discover the salt traders routes of North Africa.

Starting her voyage in  Tangier, the Gateway to Europe, Alice uses ancient trading routes into sub-Saharan Africa. Winding her way towards the Sahara via Marrakech and onward to the Sahara.

This wonderful country is still as beautiful and inviting to visitors today as it was to the traders of the past, with elements of life which are still rooted in a diverse and vibrant trading history.

The souks of Marrakech are filled with wonderful things from many places, trade is  done with theatre and zest, and can be an fun experience as the dance of the transation is played out between buyer and seller. For those who don’t enjoy the ritual there are still plenty of chances to watch!

The tents and camps of historical traders are now fortunately replaced for visitors to the Marrakech by stunning ancient riads with every comfort considered.

Step into the ancient Medina and retrace the steps of the caravans of old,

whilst enjoying affordable luxury in your wonderful riad home.