Josephine Baker in Paris – The early days.

“The grinning, wide eyed woman exploded into energy just barely contained by skin and a human form. Every part of her seemed to go in a different direction, flung from some central volcano of spirit. She made faces and flailed about. She shook her rear end, then drew it in and strutted in place. The radiance of her personality and her joy in life seemed to express themselves in her body.” ( An account of Josephine Bakers first rehersal in Paris).


Born Freda Josephine McDonald on June 3, 1906, in St. Louis, Missouri, Josephine Baker spent her youth in poverty before learning to dance and finding success on Broadway. In the 1920s she moved to France and soon became one of Europe’s most popular and highest-paid performers.

Riad star was the former residence of Josephine Baker in Marrakech. there is an exquisite suite named in Josephine’s honour.

Unusually for Marrakech The Josephine Room at Riad Star has a window onto the street. It is believed the Pashah of Marrakech paid children to sit outside Josephine’s window and read for her while she was convalescing.