The tastiest Bananas from Morocco

Bananas were introduced to Morocco as a crop in the early 1940’s, production was confined to small plantings in special micro climates along the Atlantic coast, north of Agadir,

The best sites for banana cultivation are low areas along the Atlantic coast that are essentially frost-free. Sites are protected from strong winds; also, windbreaks, typically living fences
of cypress or acacia, are planted around the perimeter of the greenhouse area.

Aourir is also known as Banana village due to the famous small sweet Dwarf Cavendish bananas that grow on the fertile ground along the river.
Look out for these tiny bananas in the vegetable souks, or for sale on the roadside.

The flavour of these tiny bananas is exquisite, and brings me childhood memories of tasty delicious fruit!

You can often find a few slices in your fresh fruit salad among the tasty array on offer in a Marrakech Riad breakfast.

A perfect healthy way to start your day!


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