Merzouga International Festival | Magic, Culture, Fusion

At the root of Moroccan history and culture, is Nomadism. In it’s essence, it encapsulates a human existence which is parallel to the existence of all creatures and species. Nomads honour and wholly respect the natural world through their customs and culture; moving and living according to the seasons.
Nomadic groups move freely from place to place as forces of knowledge and creative exchange; remaining open to the teachings of other peoples, and being individually shaped over time, by new cultures, mysticism and the perception of other realms.

The nomadic tribes of the world and across the deserts, become accustomed to the harshest climates known to man; travelling wise men and women, wordsmiths, artists, philosophers of life all remaining true to the intrinsic connection humanity has with nature. Humanism in a raw form, a degree removed from capitalistic tendencies and addiction.

From the 5th-8th of April 2018, in the Merzouga district of the Sahara and amongst the rolling dunes of the Erg Chebbi; the Saharan Association for Tourism and Cultural Development will host the next edition of Merzouga International Festival, with their message “Nomadism is the absence of borders”.

The  association works all year round, with an aim to the living conditions of those in Need in Merzouga. This is executed in the form of activities and projects which respond to social issues and aspects. The program is diverse and includes creative workshops, donations of clothing, medical caravans, promotion of the Merzouga region at international fairs, awareness of nomads and days of cleaning the dunes to maintain the environment.

There is more to Merzouga than the rich saffron coloured sands and group dromedery treks which are plastered onto the front of tourist or excursion pamphlets. This desert plain in nestled into the remains of a major, historically paramount African city, Sijilmassa from the Middle Ages.

The festival itself is divided into a number of activities focusing on different aspects of life in the Sahara; Ecological Day, Conferences & Dialogue, Associative Exhibition, Humanitarian Day, Sports (marathon & football), Cultural Workshops, Tributes, Animation and Culinary Tasting.
Some of these focuses are dedicated to entire days due to their significance in the project. International guests as well as residents are invited to participate in all of these activities, which are all organised in the name of encouraging the preservation of Merzouga’s environment.

Relax, and prepare yourselves for a creative fusion of world music, eclectic fashion, rich aromas and night skies with stars scattered to infinity, appearing so close you could almost touch them.
This educational event promises to enlighten and enrich your soul, with opportunities to spectate, perform, share and discover. It is paramount to the continuation of this event, that all attendees take responsibility for respecting the nature of this incredible site.

FIM 2018, entitled MaMa Africa will host an over all celebration of all that is the continent of Africa. Tickets are available from the event website, and will go live in the very near future.

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