Festival International Des Nomades | M’hamid El Ghizlane

The gate to the Sahara, and the expansive sands that follow, are lit up in a spectrum of colour for a brief and melodic moment. Of festivals in Morocco, The International Festival of Nomads is one to add to the bucket-list.

The return of this festival in 2018, sees the 15th edition of the event, and will be held from March 22 to 24, in M’hamid El Ghizlane in the province of Zagora.
In an earlier article, we touched upon the current Culture & Art Activities initiative which is underway in Morocco; and the International Festival of Nomads is certainly a strong contender in educating citizens (and visitors) on the rich history and cultural significance of tradition in North Africa.
Founded by the international association “Nomads of the World”, the festival is an event which at it’s core supports social cohesion, by way of cultural and economic development.

Through mediums of dance, physical sport, music, traditional rituals, gastronomy, conference debate and the sale of local hand-crafted products; the free-to-attend festival pays merit to nomadic cultures all around the world. The shows aim to give audiences of local and international attendants, the access to ancestral art and tradition.
The festival was the first of it’s kind in the Southern regions of Morocco, and has become a widely-recognised, international reference for cultural immersion and cohesion. In collaboration with the province of Zagora and the Ministry of Culture, this festival is a formative and educational event; which promises to support the local economy, and put the spotlight on the Saharwi (Saharan) civitilizational heritage and the nomadic culture.


Come to experience a unique moment in time, amongst the combining of traditional nomadic forms of expression and contemporary professional acts. The excursion from Marrakech to Zagora takes up to 6 hours, and is a journey featuring inspiring scenery, are you ready for the journey?