Art & Culture In Morocco | A Rise In Activity for 2018

The Kingdom Of Morocco is a wonderful host of amalgamating traditions and peoples; which merge and attribute to a vibrant and diverse set of cultural realities. Morocco is the country which sits on the edge of North Africa and just kisses Europe, meaning that the history of this land has played a pivotal role in shaping the current affairs of both areas of Europe and Africa.

In fact, as recently as last year fossils of the oldest Homo Sapien bones were recovered from an old mine on a desolate mountain in Morocco, later tests revealed that a tooth and stone tools found with the bones were about 300,000 years old. This realisation is challenging previous beliefs on the geographic heritage and lineage of man kind. This realisation surely marks that Morocco is more important in the shaping of mankind than we previously had considered.

The fascinating cultural significances which make up all that is Morocco, have been influenced by multifarious residing peoples such as the early Berber Kingdoms, The Byzantine Empire, The Romans, The Moors, The Muslims, The Jews & The French. Thanks to this complex and rich history, the country is a great provider of an abundance of arts in the form of textiles, music, cinema, carpentry, silversmithing, artisanal work, dance, poetry, literature, photography and cuisine.

In 2017-2018 The Ministry of Morocco has publicised it’s recognition of the importance of showcasing the arts which are present in Morocco. In 2017 the Minister of Culture and Communication’s budget totalled at 330 million Moroccan Dirhams; which the Minister said will be used to fund initiatives which relate to or promote cultural interactions. Under the bracket of cultural interactions comes music, theatre production, and support services which enable different activities in the arts, as well as cultural associations.

It seems that the Minister has remained true to this promise of funding, as in the first two months of 2018, Morocco has already completed in excess of 1000 cultural and artistic activities. This is leaps ahead of 2017, when the total activities recorded across the nation by October was just 878. The ministry reported that thus far in 2018, there have been 216 plays, 169 music performances, and 63 film activities recorded, as well as more than 178 art exhibitions and 219 book activities. 198 activities were recorded which were purely for the educational benefit of children and young people in Morocco.

 The Ministry promotes that the activities are of great importance in shaping the future of Morocco, by awakening creative potential and educating children about the opportunities they have to participate in the arts. The rise in theatre activities in particular is said to promote a competitive spirit between the regions of Morocco and ensure that every region is playing it’s part in meeting the cultural and artistic needs of it’s citizens.
It has been promised that the ministry will continue to follow-up on all activities in the field of arts and creativity, and will produce a 2-monthly report which will encourage continuity of activity throughout the year. An encouraging step in installing positive change for people living in the Maghreb!
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