Wellness in Marrakech at Riad Star.

The pursuit of wellness through self awareness and healing is challenging for those of us who lead busy lives.

The pace of  life can seem to be an obstacle to the realisation of the calm we desire in our core selves; however there is always a route present to facilitate wellness.

This is something we at Riad Star Marrakech have been considering deeply for some time and it is a most important and key part of our ethos. We have held this understanding at the core of our awareness to create a place to stay which has the ability to give the gift of pure space to our guests where they can refocus and advance their journey in the pursuit of true wellness.

When we imagine developing our access to the space which promotes self awareness and healing, we may envision a remote beach or a wild forest, these images are associated by many as the place to find our inner peace. This is an idyllic concept, which for many of us has little relation to our realities. The true basis of ongoing wellness comes from a holistic and continuous ability to access positive and grounding behaviors leading to wellness on a daily basis. In a modern world and work environment there is wisdom and peace within facilitating our reality to allow space to achieve a constant connection to paths reaching self awareness and fulfillment.
This does not at first seem to be a simple concept, but by removing the layers of irrelevance we can come to understand that the practical way to be connected to ourselves fully, is to actualise within the framework of our realities rather than to attempt to create a ‘bubble’ within which to be complete.

This holistic approach to cohesive wellness can be adopted and applied to your daily situations. Once we develop the skills to see we can find many spaces are filled with the tools to help us to find constant connection to our fulfillment.

Step one..Get off the roller coaster and evaluate!
It is important to consider the contrasts between your busy life and your strong desire to achieve self fulfillment and healing in order to spread that positive behaviour to your daily encounters. A short break can be the key to allowing you to discover exactly what works for you. Join us at Riad Star to enjoy an oasis within which to make clear and insightful evaluations for the journey to the core of yourself.
Marrakech is a beautiful exotic city in so many ways, yet is is so accessible and has a very special energy. This ancient red city can yield great experiences to those who come to immerse themselves. Many spiritual people consider Marrakech to be a vortex of earth energy and find that a trip to this fabled walled city invigorates them.

Step two.. Breath deeply and observe your connection to what heals you.
Embrace those elements as a part of your daily routine.  This may be observation of connections to nature during your day, even in a busy city, they are there. Become aware of them the trees, parks, birds and human connections.
The ability to find these sources of uplifting experience is key to your path to self awareness. Imagine starting your day with a salute to the sunrise on a peaceful roof terrace, enjoy the plants and spaces ,observe the start of a brand new day. Feel the energy of the day emerging from night and listen to the sounds of the Medina around you as the working day of a city lost in time begins afresh.  Maybe some morning yoga will energise you before we serve you a fresh and delicious breakfast, with locally produced and freshly made delights. Speak to our team to arrange your choice of visits to the beautiful gardens and monuments of Marrakech, plan your day  to experience the culture and beauty of this exciting place. As you explore, remember to seek out and appreciate the beauty of nature and humanity.

Step three.. Show yourself the love and care which accelerates your ability to appreciate your place in the larger context of the world around you.
Embrace all you care for, use natural and beautiful soaps and cosmetics, truly feel the good things which are around you and resolve to multiply the ones which uplift you while removing those which do not celebrate the unique beauty of you.
Small things really do matter, and we really care about those details. Your room is furnished with beautiful textiles which are soft and luxurious to the touch. The finest sheets and towels will remind you that you deserve to be appreciated, our natural cosmetics are complimentary to you and kind to your body. Fresh flowers will greet you in your room and bring the splendour of nature into your haven in Marrakech.
Our luxury in house spa offers relaxing and pampering treatments to refresh and renew. Our in house team are there to help you to maximise your experience and to offer a concierge service to cater for your needs, giving you the time and space to focus on self realisation and to energise and develop your core connections.
Eating well is key to caring for yourself and we pride ourselves on our meals. Using fresh local produce and secrets passed from generation to generation we create stunning meals for our guests. Add to this the ambience of the fabulous settings of Riad Star and you are promised a real treat! We also cater for special dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

Step four.. Relax and reflect.
Make space each day to evaluate and rejoice in your greater understanding of yourself as a part of the fabric of an amazing universe. Use our meditation spaces for reflection. We have specially designed them with your wellbeing in mind. Focus on some key questions: What matters most to you? What talents and gifts do you have? What are you most enthusiastic about in life?

At Riad Star we want your stay with us to allow you to put the first pieces in place to step out of our unique space with a new and powerful awareness of your core self.
Empowering you to continue to make the very best choices for you.
Setting you well and truly on your life path of positivity.

We look forward to welcoming you and facilitating the space for this most important journey to begin.

Make your first step on the path to the Red city by contacting us with your preferred dates to visit.